Looking for a decent $50-$100 surround sound system/headphones

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Hey duders...

So I used to use a Sharper Image system for my PC that sounded pretty good, but one of the speakers cuts in and out all the time now so I have gone back to just using the speakers in my monitor.. Which aren't great.

Looking for something cheap, but that sounds nice.

Any cheap/good 7.1 headsets exist? I'd really like to have something 7.1 for Left 4 Dead 2.. But not a neccessity by any means.

Thanks for the help all!

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If this is purely for PC gaming, get a Asus Xonar DG sound card ($26 on Amazon) and pair it with an open-backed headphone like the Grado SR80i (~$90). The Xonar DG will provide Dolby Headphone processing, which gives you your surround sound. Then you'll just need either a Zalman clip-on mic or inexpensive desktop mic. This will provide excellent, inexpense sound.

Good luck!


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First of all, there's no such thing as 7.1 surround in headsets, its a gimmick designed to trick people who don't know any better. What matters is how wide the soundstage of your headphones are. If you buy a seperate pair of headphones and a cheap 10 dollar clip on mic a la Zalman, you'll get much better sound quality for your money.

The best headphones for gaming are the Audio Technica AD700 in the sub $100 range, they'll cost you around $90, and I can fully recommend them. For more information on this, read this Headphone FAQ / sticky.

As for 5.1, don't even BOTHER getting a surround sound system for $50-100, you'll need closer to $500-1000 to get something "good"

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I'm afraid what you're looking for doesn't exist.