Looking for a Base Building RTS

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I have been away from RTS's since the late 1990s.  I really liked the sci-fi/fantasy base-buildng games of that era.  Does anyone have a suggestion for a modern RTS that involves a good deal of base building and is lan-able?  I think the last RTS I really enjoyed was Earth 2150.


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Command and Conquer Generals? Dawn of War 40K Dark Crusade?
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C&C Generals would fit what your saying your looking for,or you could wait for C&C Tiberian Wars which comes out next month.
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I suggest you check out the Supreme Commander demo, which is made by the same person who did Total Anihillation back in the late 1990's. The Game doesnt hit stores till next tuesday, but you can try the demo (which Ive heard runs worse than the retail version, not to mention doesnt show the true scope of the game). From the beta expereince I had, it can be very base-heavy, and its very possible to create a hard-to-penetraite base if you do it right. Ive never played Earth 2150, but from people who have played it, SupCom reminded them of it from some people ive heard.
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Yeah, Sup Com definitely involves a good amount of base-building if your system can handle it.

I would also recommend Rise of Nations and its expansion Thrones and Patriots.  I guess it's more focused on economy and technology (sort of like civilization series) than actually building the base, but it has a good amount of depth and is very fun.
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C&C : general and warcraft3 you'll like it...
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Why not try Age of Empires 3? It's pretty much a base building RTS as well. It's not as good as SupComm or even Dawn of War but it deffinately is more base building oriented wheras games like Dawn of War and Warcraft III are more combat orriented.
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Since you liked Earth 2150 why don't you try Earth 2160? I liked both of them.