LCD tv sitting close to a window?

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I have a LCD tv in my bedroom sitting in front of a window (only place to put it right now). I was just wondering with the cold air that can come through window seals sometime, if this could cause damage to the screen (like condesation or something). Just want to make sure it wil be ok where it is, dont want to cause damage to my tv or anything. Thanks for any input on this. Here is a pic of where the tv is.

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if you always open your window then it's not safe because the sun and the dust will cause problems..if not then you are safe just make sure that it's away from sun and dust
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You wouldn't really have a problem with condensation unless the air outside the house was extremely humid. Like before, during or after a rainstorm or other precipitation. The heat generated by the display when compared to small amounts of cold air isnt going to be enough to matter.

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I'd rearrange your room, If I were you. A TV in front of a window?! Something isn't adding up here.

Plus it's probably not best for the tv. Have you thought about a wall mount? They are relatively cheap for smaller sized sets.