Last game you bought on physical disc?

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#51 Posted by s-e-e-k (247 posts) -

I think "DiRT 3"

#52 Posted by yonyz (527 posts) -

Dead Space (EA Classics).

#53 Posted by PcGamingRig (7069 posts) -

Quite a long time ago, I think it was SWTOR when it first came out.

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I was so young the last time I bought a disk. The disk was Tomb Raider: Last Revelation. For PC anyway, for console I recently purchased some new, to me anyway, PS2 and XBOX original games. These games were MGS 2, MGS 3 and then MTG: Battlegrounds.

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#56 Posted by redskins26rocs (2674 posts) -

BF4 because I traded in some stuff for it at GS. I will probably get the Witcher 3 collectors edition if I can activate it on Steam.

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Last games i bought on disk was BF4 and titanfall last week :D

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#59 Posted by sam890 (1057 posts) -

Diablo III

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Xcom enemy within

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Borderlands 2

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Hmmmmm I think the last game I bought on disc was GTA 5 for my ps3, and for pc, the last game I bought was maybe.. Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind?

#64 Posted by _SKatEDiRt_ (2569 posts) -

I just bought BF2 on disk a few months ago

#65 Posted by NoAssKicker47 (2842 posts) -

Dark Souls: PTDE

Waiting for them to announce their alternative to GFWL since I haven't had a chance yet to play it