Last game you bought on physical disc?

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What was the last game you bought on physical disc?

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I dont remember. Possibly gta 5.

#4 Posted by Ballroompirate (23279 posts) -

For console- MGSV GZ

For PC- Diablo 3 RoS

#5 Posted by Klunt_Bumskrint (4148 posts) -

Crysis 3, that was the first game in many years.

#6 Posted by Code135 (824 posts) -

I think it was GW2 since the digital store was screwing with me ...

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Sorry, what does a physical disc look like again?

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@digitm64 said:

Sorry, what does a physical disc look like again?

Legend says that looks like:

xD. Diablo 3 RoS for me too... And before that Diablo 3 collector's edition :P

#9 Posted by madrocketeer (2640 posts) -

South Park: The Stick of Truth.

Because it was published by Ubisoft, I assumed it would use Uplay. Not wanting to deal with two game clients at once, I bought the physical disc version.

Imagine my annoyance, then, when I went to install it, and found out it uses Steam.

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@Jd1680a said:

What was the last game you bought on physical disc?

Fallout 3 GOTY, and It was given to me as a present

My new gaming rig doesn't even have an optical drive

#11 Posted by Tokeism (2340 posts) -

The Witcher 3 Collectors Edition (pre-order)

#12 Posted by nutcrackr (12724 posts) -

Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls. Bout same price as digital and comes with nice box

#13 Posted by GTR12 (9801 posts) -

Age of Mythology, its the spin-off game.

#14 Posted by Grey_Eyed_Elf (3916 posts) -

Wow... Erm well I sold them all except for The Witcher disk with the paper case and the map version, its not a collectors edition just a "special" I think.

I haven't bought a hard copy for PC for the last 3-4.

I don't buy collectors editions so I guess if I do I would keep them.

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i think it was the burning crusade.

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I got disc based battlefield 4 last christmas, but that doesnt count. The last game i bought on disc was in 2012. I think it was Mass Effect 3.

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I want to say it was Diablo III.

But since the GREEDY-ASS corporation of Comcast is about to re-introduce its data cap limit (moving it from 250g a month to 300g a month) then some of the future games I might have to get on disc, to balance out the internet usage a little, because games are getting huge in size.

#18 Posted by kraken2109 (13125 posts) -

For PC it would be Skyrim

#19 Posted by ShepardCommandr (2902 posts) -

Wolfenstein TNO

#20 Posted by jun_aka_pekto (16692 posts) -

Mass Effect Trilogy back in summer of 2013.

#21 Posted by illmatic87 (15343 posts) -

Splinter Cell: Blacklist.

Bought it for like $15

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Fallout 3 GOTY edition back in 2010

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My laptop doesnt even have a CD or DVD drive, my wifes new laptop doesnt have cd or dvd drive either.

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Mortal Kombat 9. I bought literally every special edition so I would have everything. Yes, I'm a MK nut. I'll do it again with MKX.

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Gta5 for me, probably will be the last too

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Reaper of Souls collector's edition for me. I think before that was GW2, but I'm not even sure anymore.

#27 Posted by harry_james_pot (11035 posts) -

Hmm.. I don't actually remember. :D

#28 Posted by Curlyfrii87 (14965 posts) -

Crysis 1

#29 Posted by SaviorXavi3r (34 posts) -

Mists of Pandaria Collectors Edition.

Next will be Warlord of Draenor Collectors Edition... Other than WoW games I don't buy physical copies on PC

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Wallenstein PC but bought about 17 games in sales in last week which are digital. so buying more digital these days then boxed.

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hmmm...I think it was GW2 preorder, and even then I got it from newegg, so I still didnt leave the house :P

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The most recent one was Ghost Recon Future Soldier, it was a present.

#34 Posted by Hobiron (47 posts) -

Left 4 dead when it just came out so.. 6 years ago

#35 Posted by JigglyWiggly_ (23674 posts) -

Tera for the cd code(it's cheaper), before that I think half life 2

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i think Diablo 3 was the last on PC

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I bought a special edition version of Freespace 2 off eBay like 10 months ago just to add to my collection. Before that it was either ME3 or Skyrim. I buy almost nothing physical these days, the only thing in the near future I expect to get as physical media is Dreamfall Chapters (backer at physical CE tier).

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Watch Dogs apparently.

#39 Posted by RossRichard (2396 posts) -

Infamous Second Son.

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Pretty sure it was The Burning Crusade expansion for WoW

#41 Posted by couly (5827 posts) -

I only buy physical discs. Watchdogs Dead Sec edition, before that Wolfenstein the new order, Dark Souls 2, Titanfall etc etc

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The last one on Physical medium is Mass Effect 3. Although recently I preordered Dragon Age Inquisition so I'll be receiving that on a physical disc as well.

#44 Posted by Jd1680a (5949 posts) -

Guild Wars 2 and Darksiders 2 was my last games I bought as a physical copy and that was about two years ago.

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Last one was I bought for PC was World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King.

#46 Posted by Priapus10101 (109 posts) -

Starcraft 2 was the last physical PC game I bought. It is far more convenient and cheaper to buy PC games online these days.

#47 Posted by xdrjx (56 posts) -

Counter Strike: Source on release day :D Good ol' days.

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Skyrim.. I was promised a large, cloth map of Tamriel if I pre-ordered a physical copy. The map turned out to be made of paper...

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Last PC game: StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm.

Games are usually cheaper retail, but are not as prone to have sales as digital games.

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For pc that would be Rome II. I was so hyped for it I decided to buy the disc version just because.

For console, Enemy Territory Quake Wars on ps3. Bought it a few days ago for my brother. Before that idk, GTA 5 maybe.