Laptop screen broke!!

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I need an immediate repair. I think all pixels are blown out so I can't see anything. Should I buy replacements through amazon or you guys know a better place? Or should I go to the official website (it's HP) to find a replacement.

However, I need an IMMEDIATE repair. The finals are in two days and I have stuff on this computer. Can I take it to the computer store today and would they be able to fix it or I have to buy a replacement? Does the stores replacements? Like Best Buy Geeek Squad?

Is it possible to take the harddrive out of my laptop and somehow transfer data to my main desktop computer??

Any help would be appreciated!!!

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Dont go to geek squad, they ask double the money. If you have a lot of patience and some skill you could buy a replacement.

And about Geek Squad, yeah dont go there just go to a local tech repair shop.

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You can probably take the drive out access your data just don't try and boot off of it. Getting it repaired immediately is possible but damn you'll have to find a shop with your screen in stock and willing to do it there and then. It's a fairly easy repair but you'll be hard pressed to get a repair on such short notice. However most screens fit multiple laptops so if you went to your local shops now and ask if they any compatible screens(might have to google it) then you could get it fixed if you expressed the urgency. Shouldn't take a decent tech any more than 30 minutes.

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Bought a replacement screen on ebay and did it myself with a youtube video tutorial. Was pretty easy.

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Bought a replacement screen on ebay and did it myself with a youtube video tutorial. Was pretty easy.

And I was going to say you could just hook it up to another monitor, turn it on... And maybe turn your laptop's monitor down.

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Well, I hooked it up to my TV so I can see what's going on. So, i was able to transfer important college work to my usb flash drive. Thank God.

I am not in a hurry anymore. So, best option is to just buy replacements on amazon/ebay and do it yourself? That sounds easy. :)

Thanks for help and tips guys.