Laptop as a display?

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Hey everybody. I'm thinking about a new build in the near future and have a quick question. Is it possible for me to use a laptop as a display/monitor? I don't really want to buy a monitor on my new rig (not that much space for a monitor in the house). I currently have this laptop:

Does the laptop have an HDMI-IN or another way to allow me to use it as a display?

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No, unless you take it apart and hot wire some setup. Those ports on the side for vga and hdmi are just for out. Unfortunately they don't work both ways, or atleast not that I know of.

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Darn. I guessed that much. Thanx guys :D. Appreciate the help.

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You can get small monitors for pretty cheap that wont take up that much space.

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I remember that there was a laptop which allowed that, can't remember the model though. It's really too bad that this feature is not more widespread.

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I know alienware laptops have in/out.

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you are right,I know alienware laptops have in/out.thank you