LAN capable games like Borderlands?

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My wife and I have been playing Borderlands over the lan and have been really enjoying it. Are there any other RPG's like it that can either be played on a LAN or through virtual network? Of course we'll get BL 2. Really doesn't matter if it's FPS or a top down, just soemthing where you play coop through it. Thanks for any advice!

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its not like co-op in the sense that you play with jsut you and your other player(s) but guildwasr 2 is an amazing MMo game with an emphasis on teamwork. you can accomplish some pretty awesome feats with jsut two people and its got a lot of content for a game that only costs $60 up front (though i recommend you cough up the 70 dollars to get the digital deluxe but to each his own as it gives you some healthy advantages early on)

portal 2 is simply put one of the best games you can get for co-op that has no violence. its an outstandingly fun game with lots of quiky slapstick humor and great challenges.

torchlight 2 i believe can be played in co-op and if it can i hear some solid stuff about it so i recommend u invest.

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Thanks for the reply. We're actually going to get Portal 2 but I'll check out Torchlight 2. We also got Left for Dead 2. I don't have to narrow it to RPG's, LFD2 is really good. So even if there isn't leveling up, any suggestions for games where you play through a story would be good.

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Torchlight 2 offers coop play through LAN.
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oh i will also recommend to you league of legends. while its community is an SoB you can play offline VS bots and then you dont have to put up with the players that will go so far as to hand out verbal abuse to folks who dont understand the game/just starting out (some folks got no patience for folks to learn anything im tellin you)

im also going to recommend sanctum. sanctum is an indie fps made by coffee stain studio's its a fun little tower defense fps with co-op for up to four people. its got some nice visuals and i argue is one of the ebst games using the unreal engine (prior to the UE3.95 revision)

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My husband and I play Torchlight 2 over lan. Most multiplayer games can have who you want involved in a game restricted. We often play Borderlands 2, Left4Dead1/2, and Portal 2 as friends only games.

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Thanks for all the suggestions!

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Gears of War the first and Resident Evil 5 areavailable on pc with a single player campaign.

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Gears of War the first and Resident Evil 5 areavailable on pc with a single player campaign.


lulz @ GoW

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Definitely recommend Torchlight 2. Just the story a couple days ago and now doing a second playthrough on newgame+.

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Gears of War the first and Resident Evil 5 areavailable on pc with a single player campaign.


lulz @ GoW


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I think you already get your answer. I give my vote to Torchlight II. Its simple RPG but when you buddy up via LAN it get way more interesting :D

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Titan Quest is co-op and underrated- and you can play on one account doing the ol' login switch if you only have one copy.

Left 4 Dead 2 is now on Steam Workshop, and now getting mods is really easy. Same with Portal 2, although Portal has an easy to use level designer that you could use.

Borderlands 2 is great for co-op, though I'll issue you a warning: Becareful on the playthrough 1 of doing every sidequest and overlevelling. It makes the easy sort of lame, and the loot doesn't scale that well (if you overlevel), unless you are on the new game + (Or "Vault Hunter Pro")

Co-optimus has a comprehensive list of Co-op games - although you'll have to click on the pages to get more information like LAN or splitscreen, or story etc.

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Borderlands 2? :P