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can any one help me with crashing i just got it and i crash in the first part and i can only get to the 2nd set of sith then it just freezes any help i do have the latest driver and patch it is also the best of pc version thanks in advance

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vista is the problem

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vista is the problem


(Not being sarcastic)Could have fig that one lol i really dont like vista i miss xp so easy to use didnt ask me 5 thousand questions when i want to install something anyways do youknow how to fix the problem or a link i can go to i have looked but not really had any luck

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i just heard that it doesn't work on vista not sure if there a patch or anything to fix it

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I think i got it to work after alot of crying... don't remember how i did it however...

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I think I had the same problem, don't remember how I fixed it exactly. Make sure the game is fully patched, run it in Windows XP mode, try to disable some things and see how it works out

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Not sure if you've found a fix yet, but... I suddenly started getting a crash on Manaan on the sea floor and I also had a problem with all of the Battlefield games. I figured out that it was because I had recently updated my Nvidia graphics driver, which I hadn't done in over a year. So I kept trying older and older drivers and none of them from the Nvidia site fixed the problem, but they only go back a few months. I finally found some WAY older drivers on (probably from around the time I last updated), and... Success! It works great and so do all the Battlefield games. So if you have a quirky system like mine, the solution might not be the "update your drivers" that everyone always defaults to, but try an older driver. Granted, you might then have problems with much newer games, but it's worth playing around with. -Rog
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Try adding this line to swkotor.ini under [Graphics Options]

Disable Vertex Buffer Objects=1

See if it helps. ;)

EDIT - mistyped the ini file.

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are you playing it via steam, or did you purchase it through steam?
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It is a vista problem.No matter what i do i cant get it to work on vistax64/Windows 7 X64.
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Disable Vertex Buffer Objects=1 Did the trick for me. Thanks!
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It is a vista problem.No matter what i do i cant get it to work on vistax64/Windows 7 X64.Zillaschool
Not a Vista problem. Maybe a 64 bit problem, but not a Vista problem. I run the game 100% fine on Vista 32
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wasnt there a patch?