Kind of noob question about Steam

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#1 Posted by ASK_Story (11455 posts) -

I haven't been using Steam for too long, and I know my way around. But I have a medium connection speed which isn't too bad, but when I download large files or games I buy off of Steam, sometimes it takes forever.

So my question is, can I pause the download/updates, quit Steam, and resume anytime? So for example, can I download a 5GB game 1 gig at a time within a week's period?

Also, will my Steam games not become corrupt even if I pause download and play something else like WoW for example?

Sorry if it sounds noobish. But this whole time I've been downloading all at once.. I'm quite sure I could pause downloading and resume anytime, but I just wanted to make sure that my files will be safe, so I had to ask.

#2 Posted by nutcrackr (12723 posts) -

yes you can pause any time you like, right click and select pause updating.

Shouldn't become corrupt.

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You can pause updating/downloading a game simply by right clicking the game in steam and go "pause updating", and it shouldn't become corrupt. You can even close and reopen steam as you wish.

So yea, you can download a 5gig game 1gig at a time if you wish.