Jade Empire or Vampire Masquerade Bloodlines

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#1 Posted by Anthony01355 (1486 posts) -

In the mood for an rpg and have past these two up. Thought I'd pick one up since they're both on Steam cheap. Which one do you perfer? I've heard mostly good things about both, but I'm undecided.

#2 Posted by XaosII (16695 posts) -

I've played both. I've enjoyed both. Vampire has some fairly nasty faults. If you can look past them its one of the best RPGs ever. Jade Empire is definitely avery polished game. Its not particulalry deep or complex, but a fun game.

I guess i can sumarize it this way: Vampire is a game you can really sink your teeth into (zomg cheezy pun!), while jade empire is a good game to pass the time with.

#3 Posted by ZuluEcho14 (8225 posts) -

Although I haven't tried Jade Empire, I highly recommend Vampire the Masquerade over it and any other recently released RPG, just don't forget to install the patches.

#4 Posted by Maddie_Larkin (6762 posts) -

A vote vor Vampire, with the fan made patches, it lost alot of its glitches and errors, making it a VERY good game.

To be honest, its in my top 5 of alltime best rpgs ^^

#5 Posted by johan1986 (4764 posts) -

bloodlines by far

#6 Posted by redbaron3 (984 posts) -
Vampire is the better game IMO
#7 Posted by Anthony01355 (1486 posts) -

Alright, if I buy Bloodlines do I install the patch here or is there more patches to be had than that one?

#8 Posted by jasonharris48 (21441 posts) -

Get Bloodlines I just picked it up today myself. It is pretty good so far I'm about three hours. Jade Empire is also good but it is pretty short for a RPG.

#9 Posted by ZuluEcho14 (8225 posts) -

Install the latest 6.1 unofficial patch.

#10 Posted by OkuLaris (803 posts) -

Bloodlines is the superior game, get unofficial patch 6.1. :)

#11 Posted by Astaroth2k (877 posts) -

Bloodlines...Jade Empire is abysmal.

#12 Posted by Wozmcfc (1504 posts) -

Jade Empires good, but something feels missing.

#13 Posted by Macutchi (4242 posts) -

bloodlines was great really enjoyed it

#14 Posted by mr_mozilla (2381 posts) -
I liked Bloodlines a lot more. Jade Empire is unusually boring for a Bioware game, it's not bad but it's not very good at anything either. I've tried to force myself to finish it several times but couldn't. Of course lot of it is up to the theme, personally I love the Vampires/LA theme while the asian/kung fu thing has never appealed to me.
#15 Posted by Anthony01355 (1486 posts) -

Alright I guess I'll buy Bloodlines.

Install the latest 6.1 unofficial patch.


Thank you.

#16 Posted by Cherub_Rock (215 posts) -

I think Vampire is the better game. I have Jade Empire on the Xbox, and it's a good game, but Vtmb seems more of a proper RPG. Then again, I think its more about what you are in the mood for. Asian or Anne Rice? Crouching Tiger or Underworld? I'm widely generalizing, but you get the idea. Thats how I chose playing between the Witcher or Mass Effect first :)

#17 Posted by sSubZerOo (43904 posts) -

The unofficial patches fix all sorts of stuff in vampires.. Its one of the best RPG's I have ever played.. There is nothign quite like it that I have ever played, it definitely is up there with Baldur's Gate 2, Planescape Torment, Diablo 2 as one of my favorite RPG's of all time..

Just put it this way, later on as a Malkavian you can have a screaming match with a stop sign in the middle of the street.. Constantly saying "NO YOU STOP IT!".

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