Is this old school joystick worth buying?

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#1 Posted by SimplyFatal (1062 posts) -

Hey guys, the joystick that I'm looking at is the Thrustmaster F-22 Pro.

It has some glass filing as well as metal casting making it more reliable than today's plastic junk. It doesn't have a USB input or all the keys that I would like, but it seems like a fantastic joystick.

Only question is do you think its worth the price? Or should I go look somewhere else?

#2 Posted by PredatorRules (7814 posts) -

Reliable or not it got not thrust control even if it's made by Thrustmaster LOL, so not worth it.

You've got excellent Logitech Extreme 3D Pro for 25$, if you want to invest some more money you've got Saitek X52 Pro for 130$ and the upcoming Rhino X55 for 200$

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DON'T buy it. it uses the old gameport connector, wich post-Vista Windows' don't support anymore. you are going to have hard time making it work in modern games.

Thustmaster has some top quality joysticks, like HOTAS Warthog Flight Stick (replica of A-10C flight stick), but it costs a whopping $300. i would recommend checking CH Products and Saitek flight sticks. stay away from Logitechs.

if you don't want a cheap plastic stick, be ready to shell out some cash...