is this good enough for x3 reunion ?

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hi guys i cant find much on the net about this but im looking to buy x3 reunion game and dont know if my system is good enought.. here is my comps specs AMD Phenom II N830 Triple Core Processor 2.10GHz 3GB Ram ATI Radeon HD 4250 Graphics Card Windows 7 64Bit 500GB Free Space i mean this comp can run other space games i love such as Evochron Mercenery to a high lvl, battlestar galactia online on max settings etc so i hope X3 reunion will be fine thanks for any help, i hope this is the rite place to post this =]
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System requirements Windows: Windows 98SE or later (XP or later recommended) 1.7 GHz Pentium IV or AMD equivalent 512 MB of RAM (1 GB recommended) graphics card with 128 MB memory, with pixel shader 1.3 (256 MB and pixel shader 2.0 recommended) Hard Drive Space: 4 GB I found that on wikipedia. I'm sure you can run it, if you can't, upgrade your GPU to something slightly newer.
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sorry i got the name wrong its not what i said its X³: Terran Conflict im looking to buy, my bad
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You might want to upgrade your GPU... Though honestly no idea if your CPU is good enough. Check here
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I think that game loves CPU power. That being said, it can run on just about anything. Just dont go looking to wack all the settings to max.
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i do believe that is a laptop you're using. You should be fine at medium settings.