Is this a decent touch screen laptop?

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I apologize if this isn't the place to put a recommendation post but I'm not sure where else to post this but on here where there's knowledgable folks that have answers. First I'm not a PC gamer at all but I feel getting a laptop like this might be a good start. I had a Sony Viao that broke so I'm now coming from an old 2 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo MacBook I use for stuff like Word and I mostly use an ipad 2 to browse online and watch videos. I'm ready for a much needed PC upgrade. I feel that this Acer Aspire M5 Touch might be a good transition from what I've been dealing with. I'm also interested in the Lenovo Yoga 13. Because I have a bunch of store credit thats where I'm interested in buying. I really like the aesthetics on the Yoga but the M5 have a larger storage, DVD drive and backlit keyboard and cheaper too. I'm not really sure about the quality of these brands but reviews seem to be decent for both. So I was wondering are these selections good? I'm leaning towards the M5. I really want touchscreen because of Windows 8, something light no more than 5lbs, fast and from BBY since I have store credit. I think I could upgrade the parts if needed too. If you find a better one with similar specs for my needs and around $800 or so on BBY please let me know. Thanks.
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You wont be doing much gaming at all with that integrated graphics card . I dont have any experience with Acer products but from what I've read , they aren't very good . I guess it's ok if you want to watch movies and surf the net . Also , about the only thing you will be able to upgrade is the ram .