Is there a game like Game Dev Tycoon but for movies?

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Wondering if there's a game where you can make movies like you make games in Game Dev Tycoon

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The Movies was kinda sorta. Much more in-depth and so not as easy to just jump into but it was pretty good.

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The Movies sucks, I want something like Game Dev Tycoon

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At the moment, you are out of luck.

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The Movies with Stunts & Effects was damn good, and besides there are tons of mods. If you treat it like a pure management sim it can get a bit old after a few playthroughs, but if you take time to craft your movies as a counterpart it's a solid experience. I doubt anything close will be made any time soon so you might as well make do.

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@gajbutler: Flaming isn't allowed at Gamespot. Take that elsewhere.

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The Movies + Stunts and Effects expansion. It's a fantastic game!

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@sythushd said:

The Movies sucks, I want something like Game Dev Tycoon

I want Rachel Weisz. Looks like we're both out of luck.

The Movies with the expansion is your best bet, I'm afraid.

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You lot have got me interested in this Movies game you speak of, very interested *goes off to YouTube to check on some gameplay*