Is Mass Effect 3 worth replaying?

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#1 Posted by gbrading (8057 posts) -

I'd say yes, if you haven't see the Extended Cut and haven't played the DLCs. The DLCs worth playing are Citadel and Leviathan. Citadel because it adds a lot of great, funny character moments, Leviathan because it helps to flesh out the ending of the game a lot, and give it more backstory.

You can skip Omega because it doesn't add anything worthwhile.

#2 Posted by Shock_the_Rock (143 posts) -

Like everybody else i loved the game but hated the ending. Should I replay again with all the dlc? Are all the dlcs good? I heard the last dlc(Citadel) is epic.

#3 Posted by nutcrackr (12833 posts) -
did you see the extended cut ending yet?
#4 Posted by Shock_the_Rock (143 posts) -
no, what about it?
#5 Posted by nutcrackr (12833 posts) -
it's better than the launch ending, worth replaying the last few hours at least. dunno about the DLCs
#6 Posted by Cordliss (105 posts) -

Yes, you should play again especially if you haven't seen the extended endings, they are much better then the originals. Also pick up the Leviathan and Citadel DLC because they are awesome....Omega DLC is optional, while I enjoyed the DLC its not imperative to own.

#7 Posted by Shock_the_Rock (143 posts) -

Thanks guys, will defintely replay.

#8 Posted by wis3boi (31957 posts) -

finished it about 5 times, new ending is worth it. Vanilla end was terrible

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I hear the DLCs are good. None of the Mass Effect games are bad and changing up your choices and stuff can net you slightly different results, not to mention playing as a different class can change how you have to fight.

I would say it's worth replaying. 

This year I plan on doing a ME1, ME2, ME3 replay with all of the DLC. Probably next winter sometime.

#10 Posted by ferrari2001 (17295 posts) -
extended cut is much better and Leviathan adds a lot of back story about the origin of the reapers.
#11 Posted by redskins26rocs (2674 posts) -
I have not beat the game since a few days after launch and have no plans to play it again unless I repurchase the trilogy on pc.The coop is pretty good I love how much content it has and it is awesome to be anything from a volus to a geth juggernaut. It does get old after a week or two but I eventually go back to playing it.
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Not by itself but worth it after completing the previous games with different choices. They pay off in different ways in the third game.

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I think they are worth replaying.  The Extended cut is definitely more satisfying and the single player dlc make it much more enjoyable and add a great deal of back story. 

#14 Posted by hrt_rulz01 (6995 posts) -
I've already finished it twice and will play it again soon (mainly for the DLC I've recently bought). Such an epic game! !
#15 Posted by i_saw_a_mudcrab (1015 posts) -

i wouldn't say it's even worth playing in the first place