iPhone can't maintain a stable connection to PC

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A relative sent me an iPhone 4s not long ago and it worked fine on my old rig, but my new PC and iPhone are having some kind of disagreement.

The cable itself is fine, it still works with my other PC which now functions as a recharge station, the ports on the new PC are also fine, everything else I connect works like a charm, only the iPhone can't maintain a stable connection and connects then immediately disconnects whenever I plug it in, and this repeats itself until I unplug the device.

The motherboard is Asus Gryphon z87, I'm running Windows 8.1 and everything is up to date.

Any ideas?

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- Different port?

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Update drivers

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I tried every available port, and like I said, everything is up to date.

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Well if everything else you connect works fine then it's something with Iphone settings or the mobile itself, try google the problem including the MOBO module - maybe some other people have the same problem as you have.