Interesting find that I came across while researching RAM

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I was just reading about RAM speeds and the upcoming ddr3, and the present ddr2 and i found an old article about RDRAM (rambus for those who dont know). i never knew much about rambus but i know my dads old comp had 512mb of it, i thought that rambus sucked because the comp my dad has it in is pretty old and is running a geforce4 ti 4600. however the article said that rambus was able to reach speeds of 800mhz when it came out, and this was in 2001, so why have we just recently reached 800mhz speeds on our DDR2 ram? has anyone got a response to this? i found this quite interesting. i seem to have lost the article link but if i find it again ill post it here. 
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Dont know. At a guess it is to do with what the architecture can do with that speed, much the same as a 1.8ghz e6300 can do more in that clock cycle than a 3ghz p4
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Rambus was doing back then pretty much what DDR2 is doing now, as far as higher clockspeeds with slacker timings and a few specific points of technology. The DRAM manufacturers at the time formed a cartel to keep RDRAM prices high and supply low, and helped kill the product off. That's more or less why Infineon, Samsung and co. have been getting nailed by the DoJ for the past year and a half.