IL-2 1946 Resolutions

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Hi, I have a Samsung 906 BW widescreen monitor, and I was wondering if there was a widescreen setting for IL-2 1946, the only resolutions I see are standard ( I think ), they only go up to like 1280x768 or something like that, it would be really nice if I could play it in 1440x900. Thanks.
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have you tried changing the ratio? sorry i dont have the game
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I'll have to install the game first, I can't remember if you can change it to wide screen. Ihope you can, I also got a wide screen monitor lately so I would love to play it in the right resolution :?
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Yeah, I am hopping you can to. I was looking at some benchmarks for the card I have and one of the game they tested it on was Pacific Fighters ( basicly the same game, but 1946 is an add on for it) and they tested on 1600x1200, which in widescreen is 1600x 1050, I think, and my 1946 won't let me go that high. I also have Pacific Fighters and it won't let me go that high ethier.
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I'm installing it now... will let you know what I can figure out.
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I got this link in Google:

I tried this but my graphics look horrible, seems like people started a poll for the developers to bring an update to add

widescreen resolutions.

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$^%$*& I wish they would make an update soon! Now I'm all psyched up to play this game again, especially multiplayer!!!
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I found it! You go into the config file in the main 1946 folder and change the hight and width to what ever you want it to be. You will see the hight and width near the top of the notepad.
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Yes the Config file has settings that you cannot select from the setup or ingame settings.

The game looks very good for me. Be sure to use OpenGL, as it run a lot better. Check out some screens at the ubi forums.

Here are some of my config settings for 1680x1050, using 3.08ghz e6300, 2 gig of ram, 8800gt 512mb with 4xaa 16af vsync triple buffer...

width=1680, height=1050, colourbits=32, depthbit=24, stencilbits=8, changescreenres=1, fullscreen=1,drawifnotfocusd=0, enableresize=0, ennableclose=1, saveaspect=0, use3renders=0. Change resolution to widescreen needs enableresize=0, and saveaspect=0 or game will rewrite file to standard resolutions. It will also rewrite the resolution settings if you mess with the ingame resolution settings, since it does not have the correct one it will default.

[game] under this heading place TypeClouds=1 at the end under "3dgunners". Gives nicer clouds

[Render_OpenGL] going down the list I will just use #'s. 3,3,0,1,0,0,1,0,1,1,0,1,1,1,1,0,0,0,0, space, 1,1,1,1,1. These have to do with your video card. I use this for my 8800gt. These can cause graphic errors if your cards does not support some features. Take care when playing with these. Search for IL-2 config settings and read about them.

HardwareShaders=1 needed for perfect graphic mode. Makes things like water glassy looking...

Shadows=2, specular=2, specularlight=2, diffuselight=2, dynamiclight=1, meshdetail=2, visibilitydistance=3.


landgeom=3(=2 is not running new 409 beta patch),texlarge=1,trexlandqual=3,landlarge=1

Water=3,effects=1(=0 for no shadows from smoke, helps lower systems)

*You should check out mission4today they have write ups on what is what.*

Plus check out DeviceLink/UDPSpeed. If you have a second PC you can set up this program very easly and use it to display functioning gauges from your plane on it. You can also use it on one PC with two monitors, but it takes some horsepower to do it. Amazing work done by people over at ubi forums. Some are making realistic looking cockpits using this program!

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Good luck with that. I never could get the game to work properly with a non-supported resolution. It always chopped off parts of the screen so I couldn't see the chat bar or select some bases at the top of the map in online play. I went back to 1152X864. Close enough to my monitor'x native 1280x1024 for me.
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I'll go play around with the settings, I prob just didn't set all the detail right. Thanx Guys!!