I need help! (game memory of childhood)

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Hello guys! Happy new year :) I really want you to help me. I remember game I played in my childhood but i can't remember the name of it! So I need your help! Here's what I remember; 2006-2008 graphics probably I remember driving a mustang on a road next to a beach/sea trying to take hourglasses to increase time. Hourglasses had a nice smooth animation. I !THINK! the menu was button wtih a car moving on the background. Hope you can help me. Thank you :)
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Nope it's not that :) The game didn't have any pedestrians and you couldn't drive in the whole town. Also it didn't have much "crazyness" in it :P Thanks for the help though :) Any other ideas?
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Outrun 2006 maybe?

edit: no hourglasses in this one, so probably not :)

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The graphics look a lot liek teh game I remember. But it's not that :) Any other ideas?