I need a community.

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I need an active PC gaming community where most of the people are predominantly American.

Oh yeah, the majority definitely need to be 18 years old and up.

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Have you tried Gamespot.com

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@klunt_bumskrint said:

Have you tried Gamespot.com

Sorry, this isn't a real PC gaming community. This just a gaming forum where people just come to troll each other. It's nothing more.

Let me give you little example's of what an actual PC gaming community is:



You know, those places where people actually come together to play video games and talk over mumble, TS3, or ventrlio? You know those places who run their own servers for TF2, CS:GO, Arma, BF, etc.?

YEAH, those communities.

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I prefer to associate myself with like-minded vagrants.

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well this is the last place to check since hardly anyone posts on this PC forum

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Rock,Paper,Shotgun Forum community is pretty cool I heard. Don't go there often but from the times I had gotten there it seemed pretty chill.

Also Rock Paper Shotgun is a whole site just for PC gaming and they do spark some good discussions

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@klunt_bumskrint: lel

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@soolkiki: lel?

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@soolkiki: lel?

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@Jebus213: Why did you come here then?

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@klunt_bumskrint: Hahaha sorry, I was showing someone something for the forums. :P That was just something random. Ignore it.

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