I'm in love with the Oculus Rift. Should wait to buy?

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Just looking for opinions from maybe people who actually own it. I know the developer version is out but after watching a few games, I feel like the kid in me from the 80's finally is witnessing stuff that I dreamed about. I'm pretty sold but just debating if I should get it now or wait for the consumer version.

Any first hand opinions?

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I think wait for the consumer version and see how it goes. you dont want to waste your money

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Don't buy it yet since its not ready yet. The developer version is only for people who want to program stuff for it. You should wait for the final version where you'll get less or none headache by using it for awhile and the developer version is not 1080p+ but the final version should be.

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I know the feeling, I was going buy a dev kit last year but decided to wait. Im really itching to get my hands on one but I think it will be worth the wait for a much improved version. Havent heard anything exciting from Oculus in a while though, it would be nice to know what improvements have been made.

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I would def get a retail version of a product. I figured if you wanted to develop for it etc you could grab one.... I am still not sold on this thing.

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The retail version will be the one to go for if I were you. All the major bugs and fine tweaking should be in place by then.