How to watch Sony Cybershot DSC TX55 videos on my iPad?

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#1 Posted by MaicalJecol (2 posts) -
My Sony Cybershot DSC TX55 camera shot highest quality video at 1920 by 1080 interlaced, at 24 mps and 60fps. A freeware on test using the option for converting to my new iPad produces poor results. Can anyone help?
#2 Posted by i_noseworthy (1581 posts) -
Have you tried the VLC media streamer? Likely your best bet, I've had the best results with it over any other video transfer/converter program. You can set the video and audio data rates, then stream or even port directly to your ipad wirelessly. Just need to run a helper program. What file type does your camera record in? Could be an issue with the filetype conversion. But one rule of thumb i use (especially for video converter programs): If they're freeware, they're garbage.