How simple is it to mod Nazi Zombies on World at War?

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I have World at War for the 360 but I can't seem to find any ways to make maps for that game. Like, I don't personally mod or anything but I have asked people who can and some people tell me you can't make new maps for the 360. I recently saw a bunch of custom made Zombie maps, and I wondered how you could get them. one of them was called island i Think. if its fairly easy, is there any way somebody could tell me how to do it? i think there might be a flash drive involved or something? thanks guys.
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I've seen quite a few mods for it actually, and they even added zombies to CoD4. I don't know how easy it is, but easy enough that there are some good maps floating around.

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Huh, that's interesting. I'll keep that in mind. :D
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Just play Killing Floor, it's a much better game.
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Are you asking how to mod or add maps to the Xbox 360 version of the game? If so, it's not likely to be possible. On the PC version it should be possible.
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No I'm talking about for the PC. I have seen custom made Zombie maps for world at war and I was wondering how easy it was to DOWNLOAD them to a flashdrive or something. im not smart enough to make them myself lol