How much bandwidth does playing online use?

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#1 Posted by Jocubus (2812 posts) -
At my university there is a limit of 10 GB per week for bandwidth usage. How much does online gaming use up (approximately)? If it makes any difference the games in question are Counter strike source and Day of Defeat source. Thanks.
#2 Posted by DGFreak (2234 posts) -

These bandwidth limits are usually just to keep people from torrenting excessively. If you aren't playing for hours and hours at a time, I'm sure you won't go over your limit. Having said that, bandwidth usage in online gaming really depends on how much information needs to be sent between you and some server out in the world. For example, a game of poker will use less bandwidth than an intense first-person shooter.

I recommend trying out some light gaming and just keeping an eye on your bandwidth limits, but I don't think you should have a real problem.

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It doesn't use that much at all. With 10 GB you can play those games all day for more than a month.
#4 Posted by yoyo462001 (7535 posts) -
you woudl think it uses alot but it realyl does not at all, you wont exceed that limit playing games.