How do I turn off my Wireless Xbox 360 Controller for the PC?

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#1 Posted by WOP_4_LIFE (1116 posts) -
I turn it on by holding down the x button in-tell it lights up but how do i turn it off?
#2 Posted by N0han (982 posts) -
Um, just click and remove the battery? Dunno, that always works for me :P
#3 Posted by WOP_4_LIFE (1116 posts) -
Ya that works but that cant be what ur really supports to do
#4 Posted by N0han (982 posts) -
When I use the controller with my 360 I can push that round button in the middle for a little longer then needed to pop up the dashboard and then it will show a side-menu with the options: Turn down console, turn down controller and cancel. But im not sure whether this would work on the pc, if it doesnt I guess removing the battery for a sec is your best option;)
#5 Posted by WOP_4_LIFE (1116 posts) -
Looks like it turns itself off if u dont use it for a few mins
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pull the battery out or wait and it turns itself off
#9 Posted by djpety94 (2 posts) -
Hi! I faced with that problem too, so I made a small app, that solves this problem. It watching for the GUIDE button in the background, and if you press for 2 seconds, it will ask for turn off the controller. You can download from here:
#10 Posted by Byshop (11474 posts) -

There is no OS level feature to do this in the current drivers. It -can- be done from inside some games through the Games For Windows Xbox Live interface but obviously that's not very helpful. As mentioned, it's not a required feature because it turns itself off after a few minutes of innactivity provided it's not connected to the Charge and Play cord.

As for removing the battery to force it off, that's actually as easy as pressing the button on the compartment and momentarily tipping it forward and then back into place. It's not like you have to flip the controller over, pop open the shell and pry out a AA. I've done this in the past without even thinking about it.

Otherwise, try the above poster's utility but I wouldn't worry about it. The timeout timer is pretty aggressive.


#11 Posted by raghavendar (0 posts) -

Xbox 360 Controller Manager solves the problem. long press the guide button to poweroff the wireless controller. the app is only 300KB. 

download like: