How do I get BF4 not to default to IE?

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#1 Posted by chriscoolguy (359 posts) -

I am having problems with BF4 and IE, every time I DL the plugins for it I install them and it still acts like the plugin was never installed. Should I use a different browser? or is there a setting I can change to fix it? how do I set BF4 to default to a different browser? thank you in advance for your help!

#2 Posted by Arthas045 (5348 posts) -

Try using something like Chrome and see if that helps. I use Chrome for everything and I have never really ran into any issues.

#3 Posted by insane_metalist (6348 posts) -

I've used Opera and Maxthon, works on both.

#4 Posted by ForsakenWicked (3744 posts) -

If battlelog open on IE its because that's your default browser. You need to change your default browser to change it.