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From the creators of Homeworld

Never played HW but I know it's very popular among gamers who like that genre, so hopefully this will be good for you folks...

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Facebook online social game? Let's just hope they're doing this for funds so they could make a proper Homeworld successor.
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I wouldn't mind a new Homeworld, but I am not joining Facebook just to play a game. Interesting concept for a game though.
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I'd probably only be excited if the makers of Homewold were actually making another Homeworld game. Or a spiritual successor of Homeworld. Developers move on and such and may not ever go back, but im happy for they are still around.
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facebook game? Meh

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facebook game? Meh



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yeah, no thanks...
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i got super excited and filled with homeworld nostalgia, until i read "social game" and "facebook", then it all came crashing down and very much DO NOT WANT!