Homeworld Cataclysm: Would Love to play this again, but..

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Was looking thru some Disc collections, and found my Homeworld Cataclysm box. Everything in there.. Figured I would see if I could play it.

It installed without a problem. When it went to get Registered, it couldn't find the SierraStudios site.

Tried to run it. It got thru the beginning movies, then, Cataclysm.exe crashed.

I looked thru some messages, and figured that the problem might be, that I need Patch 1.05 (1.5?), to run it on Windows Xp. Found a link here (and Cnet Downloads) for the patch, but, doesn't get anything. I even searched, on my pc, thinking that Maybe I still had the patch file, somewhere. Nope. I Did find a directory with Saved games, but, I had uninstalled the actual game files.

Is there a place that might have the patch files? I checked the Activision site. I think they were the ones who bought up some of what was left of Sierra ??

Even looked for Barking Dog Studios. Did find some stuff about collars or noises, that might stop a dog from barking (;->...

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Do you mean the 1.01 patch? That's the only patch I could find references to on a yahoo search.
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It seems Cataclysm is more finicky than the first Homeworld. I have Homeworld GOTY Edition and it works fine in 64-bit Win 7. Same goes for Homeworld 2.

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Run in administrator mode with compability for windows xp, let us know your results.

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This game was everything Sins of a Solar Empire wishes it was.

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Hope it helps.

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There's a few things you need to do to get the game to run (it especially doesn't like newer graphics cards). 1. Install patch 1.01 as mentioned above 2. Run as admin and set compatibility mode as Windows NT 3. Set the /disableAVI switch in the shortcut. Source: http://www.thegameengine.org/homeworld-cataclysm/homeworld-cataclysm-on-windows-7/