Hi,I'm a Chinese,I want to ask some questions

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I joined a discussion about PC and xbox,someone told me that European and Americans always work on PC and play on xbox and other devices.Isthat correct or just a misunderstanding?how many people play PC games in Europe and America?Is it a mainstream to play games on xbox and other devices?PC gamers are minority?

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About 30 million pc gamers in America and close to 50 million in Europe. Just trust me on this one.

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It's definitely mainstream to play on console, but many people play PC too.

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Well console gaming in the UK is probably more common, but PC gaming isn't at all uncommon.

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i think is asking the Question in order to become a Chinese Gold Farmer for one of the said platform we are helping him prosper into Great Wealth :D just kidding

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Console gaming is more common, however PC gaming isn't uncommon... Just less than console gaming.

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@hyperfox1: pretty much what everyone else here says. mostly, consoles are the marjority here in the US....pretty sure its the same for EU but still, people play on and love PC gaming. hence the PC gaming boards here. PC gaming isnt as prominent as playing on consoles but neither is it totally overlooked either. just the minority as opposed to the majority being console gamers.

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Console gaming is the mainstream in the US, but the PC gaming community is still pretty big. It's weird, I know. None of us PC gamers understand why they do it...

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When I was in China, there was a Cyber Cafe on every street. All full of young guys smoking and playing on PCs. Massive rooms filled with smoke and teenage angst.

There were a couple of fights over results too.

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There is a large amount of us in Europe and America that play on the PC, It is my prefered place to play games but I do also own various Consoles ranging between the Nintendo Entertainment System to Playstation 3.

We sort of mix it up.

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tks all of you guys

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I am a Chinese either. I cannot answer your question but one thing is for sure: there are platform wars everywhere, just like in China. :)

P.S. You should add spaces after each punctuation.

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@hyperfox1 said:

tks all of you guys

I would just like to say hi and welcome to GS forums, take it easy and have fun ;)