hey, i just thought i'd do some good for these game Dev's

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They are trying to make and epic series of games Interstellar Marines. The link <-- there is for the kick starter. Take a look and watch some of the vids they have and even check out there sit, http://www.interstellarmarines.com/. The group from what i've seen and played has been doing great work on what they can so far, but they need us gamer's help. Check it out and help them and us get a great game.

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I remember this game being announced 3 years ago, then they went all browser mini games. I basically lost interest by now.
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Browser mini games > Everything

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Browser Mini games that look just as good as games that are fully produced onto everything, also they help us see there vision of what is to come. I trust these guys to make something great, for us all. just with are help, if u give.

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I already pledged my money. Doesnt look good though. I have been following the game for a couple of years and would love to see it made.