hey guys i need help with a pc issue...

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well to be more specific my friend has a pc issue. his pc, before recently was working perfectly well. recently though its shut off on him twice, not restarted but shut off all together and hes stated that to get it to turn back on afterwards he needs to unplug the psu cord, reconnect it and then the computer will restart. btw the psu is barely a year old. he does have temp monitoring progs and they stay roughly in the 70c area even when gaming. this last time when going through the unplug and replug motions on the psu it sparked.

pc specs are

amd phenome II 965 x4,

4 gigs ddr ram,

geforce gts 250 vid card,

650 watt psu

please help. thanks guys....

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RMA the psu
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RMA the psu?
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actually now that i think about it...thats probably a good idea. 99% chance thats exactly what it is...
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Yes. Considering the issues you described and the fact it powers every component in your friends machine, its better to replace the unit now Before any other Component is Damaged, if not already.
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If you have another PSU you could swap out to test your theory before you RMA I would do that. Might save you some time and frustration in the long run...