Hekasama LiveStream Debute!

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Hi everyone! Hekasama here unknown for all of you but im going to know you all soon! Only thing you need to do is check out my livestream! im new to it so i need to improve it abit and get more viewers ofc. so i would be rly happy if you can take a peek into it and give me some critic how to get it beter or just have a laugh when i die in games and such ^^. Im trying to makes this someking of income for me, cus its hard for me to get money for the moment nad go to school. so i would like and love all of you if you would help me and watch as we try to achive this goal to make this a great and big livestream. Im also looking for some mods to the channel that can keep ppl from being mean to eachother and starting a fuss overthings :). I stream everyday from morning to night (im swedish) but dont worry even if we dont share the same timezone we will see eachother dont worry^^ i wanna know all of you so i will do 24hr marathons and 48hr etc etc. in the future i will try to get some giveaway items so you can get back what you have done for me :) ! by the eye i am your streamer and i will do all for your comfort and entertainment My best regards to all of you! /Hekasama
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Someone wants to be Dopefish.

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no thanks. now please leave.

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