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Ok is it just me or did anybody else noticed the flickering problem of the HD7950 on alot of games ? at first I thought its just for a game or two but now I can confirm it happens with lots of games .... as the game starts ...the screen keep on flickering randoomly >>>

is it a driver problem ( I have the latest Installed ) or should I return the card? ....its happening now for like 80% of the games I own

I read that it happened to others too with HD7XXX family

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Not one problem here.
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Don't fret, it could be a driver problem, or something else. I just solved a screen-flickering problem with my HD 5850 a few days ago. Do you have any GPU overclocking software installed? I had MSI Afterburner installed and for some reason my card's clocks were all wrong (and really low). I changed them back to the default and the flickering went away. This is a problem that uninstalling/reinstalling drivers didn't fix. If that's not it, trying downloading some new drivers and the ATIManUninstaller. It will completely wipe your computer of AMD GPU drivers and give you a fresh start. Here's the link for the uninstaller if you want to try it out.
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i used to have a flicker on my 4970, happend in game and on the desktop... non stop. never used ATI after that

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I'll try to clean install the drivers and mybe the whole system .... ( I used to have HD4850 1GB and it ran very well )

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Nothing wrong with my 7970

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I get a little flicker from my Matrix 7970. I think it's because it's an overclocked card.