HD WLED Glossy Display Vs. 720p WLED Display

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#1 Posted by satty5 (321 posts) -

I am planning to a laptop. i am in fix between two, which have nearly same configuration except for their display.
what is the major difference between them??

1.>15.6 Widescreen HD WLED Glossy Display with TrueLife (1366 X 768)
2.>15.6 720p WLED (1366 X 768) Display with TrueLife

Former is very easily in my budget and the latter one is little costly !

Which one to buy?

Dell Studio 15 Laptop Details | Dell India

Inspiron 15R Laptop Details | Dell India

Pls help me out..
I have budget of 45k, should I buy Inspiron or increase my budget(Will be quite difficult) to buy studio??

If possible, can u suggest some other good options at my budget of 45k?

Also one more thing is that the GPU in Inspiron is better performing that the GPU in Studio. So I am confused. I am planning to do gaming and watch movies on this laptop.

#2 Posted by ChubbyGuy40 (26057 posts) -

Those are the same thing from what I'm reading...go with the Inspiron if you can.

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Studio has a faster HDD, a larger battery, different chipset, slot optical drive and a different GPU. However the screens are exactly the same.