Have you guys been playing Path of Exile?

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#101 Posted by kramernic (124 posts) -

Been enjoying it a lot. Can't believe its free. Played about 30 hours with a Witch, really fun class. And got a Ranger which is also fun.

Also those races are so cool.

#102 Edited by Grey_Eyed_Elf (3679 posts) -

I love it. I'm pretty early in the game...Just defeated the giant enemy crab boss. I am enjoying it a lot more than I was Diablo 3. Also its free.

#103 Posted by ForsakenWicked (3726 posts) -

@the_bi99man: Nice, I was thinking about trying the scion on my next playthrough.

#104 Posted by the_bi99man (11047 posts) -

Excellent you guys. Good to see the game is getting more players all the time. add me on steam if anyone wants to get down on some co-op. I'm also the_bi99man on there, although Big Pink is my current profile name.

#105 Posted by nicecall (428 posts) -

this games been really bad so far for me, been disconnected many times from lag even though i'm playing the game solo... which is what I don't understand is why I can't play this game in single player mode. I can see having multiplayer but at least give option to make characters that only are useable on single player if we want. My internet is crap and disconnecting in this game is awful it warps you out of the zone and you have to run back through and rekill everything.

I know its free but its the most dated game i've played for a while, it feels like diablo 2 and that game is over a decade old. And whats with so much trash loot dropping but having absolutely no way of holding even 1% of it to sell, i don't get this.

I'll probably play it a few more hours and see where it goes but the core game will likely remain the same... and i still can't see why theres lag at all when I'm in my own solo area, the game should not require internet for people who want to solo. I turned off world chat the instant i started because of the rude comments.

#106 Posted by the_bi99man (11047 posts) -

@nicecall: Well, it's a Free to Play game. And it is made for multiplayer, although going solo is doable. If your internet can't handle it, that sucks, but you can't really blame them (although their own servers are not very good, but it is plenty playable with a decent connection).

As for your comment about the trash loot, and not being able to hold it to sell... so don't pick it up. That's the point of trash loot in any ARPG of this type. It's just there to fill out drops, so the randomization of good items is balanced. There's no gold, so there's no need to pick up everything to sell. Just pick up blues or better. You'll still end up selling most of those, which will start to build you a stash of Alteration and Transmutation Orbs. Then, if you find yourself hard up for Wisdom Scrolls, you should have some spare Alt/Trans Orbs, which can be sold for 4 Scrolls a piece.

Although, keep in mind that in Path of Exile, the plain non-magic items that drop everywhere are not actually as worthless as they are in other ARPGs. Any item can be upgraded to be magic or rare, and then further randomized, with the various orbs you collect throughout the game, and your skills are reliant on the socket layout of your gear. So, if you find a plain white item that's a better base item type than the magic or rare you're using, and it has the right socket layout, that would let you keep your skill setup, you can upgrade that white item and make it into a viable upgrade from your current gear. Even if the socket colors/layout aren't what you need, those can be modded/randomized as well, although those orbs are pretty rare, and I would advise against wasting them in the early game, when you're still likely to get significant upgrades through drops, without using orbs.

Also, if you think Path of Exile feels dated, like Diablo 2, you should take off the nostalgia goggles and play Diablo 2 again. Iso-ARPGs have come a long way in the last decade, and PoE is one of the best examples of that.

#107 Edited by Brendissimo35 (1930 posts) -

Well, I tried it, and although I was impressed by the approach to skills and economics (no money), the game ultimately felt really bland. I can't really complain, since it is free, but I uninstalled it after playing for about five hours. For a genre like the ARPG, where the action is extremely repetitive by design, there needs to be something more to draw me in, and Path of Exile just doesn't have it.

#108 Posted by illmatic87 (15109 posts) -

It's good for what it is.

I like skill tree (i wish there were active stuff in the tree though), the economy and the flask system is brilliant. For what little narrative there is so far, the writing is excellent. It's just that the combat--while polished and functional--just feels... tried and true and it seems to be little bit on the easy side, the best thing about the core combat is some good enemy designs. The only thing I truly dislike is the map.

I think my biggest concearn--not as a consumer, but of the future of this game--is that I dont feel compelled to support the game as there isnt anything in the micromanagement store that I want to get. I never even felt the need to use my stash, the game gives you so much character slots to cover the classes most want to play, expanded inventory would be nice, but it's not there and the game isnt all that persistent enough to warrant the various cosmetic stuff in the store to distinguish yourself, let alone is your character's core aesthetically identical.

I do want to extract gems from a weapon and swap it over, or maybe i just havent figured out yet how to do that.

#109 Edited by the_bi99man (11047 posts) -

@illmatic87: Right click gems to remove them from sockets. And how far are you in the game? The combat gets quite a bit more difficult, and complex, in later difficulties, when you start getting tons of support gems, and can start really using the "charges" system.

And I think your concern about the future of the game is definitely valid. But I guess that's the line they tread by having the philosophy there should be no advantageous items available for real money. Just the cosmetic stuff. I think they're just counting on the generosity of people who have extra money, and want to support them more for the sake of doing it, than because they really want the small cosmetic pieces they're buying. At least for now, that seems to be working for them. Seems lots of people are willing to support it, just because they like the game so much, and they want to help it succeed. Back during the beta, they had different labels for tiers of supporters, based on how much money they'd donated. Platinum supporters were people who had donated over $1000. I saw at least a few dozen platinum supporters on the forums, and have seen a few in game, as well. Made me stop to think that some seriously filthy rich people are playin video games. Hahaha. And ya know, if I were just crazy rich, I'd probably also drop obscene amounts of money on Path of Exile, because I love it and the devs are awesome.

#110 Edited by Gelugon_baat (19375 posts) -

I just played it again recently after having been bummed out by connectivity issues a few months ago - it's a lot more stable now. Apparently the problem could be fixed by Grinding Gear, despite what their techie told me in a response to my complaint report. I really want to dive more into the game's refreshingly peculiar gem/skill system and currency items.

Unfortunately, playing it again only reminded me of the reasons that I haven't touched hack-slash-and-looters for a long time - namely my despise of the factors of luck in loot generation. Gear-modifying in Path of Exile really irks me too.

#111 Posted by ConorHat (138 posts) -

Such a bad game, I don't really want to comment on it. I've got 0.1 hours on my Steam account and there's no way I would turn it back on again.

#112 Edited by FaustArp (1038 posts) -

The reason that I'm so bored with this is that it's too easy. I'm only on Act II, but my character basically can't die.

I'm getting to the point where I have no motivation to play it, not even at work.

#113 Posted by Maroxad (7970 posts) -

@Gelugon_baat: Really? I might check it out again then. Maybe I can enjoy the game now.

I may not like the game that much, but I have a lot of respect for the devs. So far they have been true to their word for most of the part, have done a good job supporting their game and have been very fair with their microtransaction store. And they havent been doing everything they can to dumb down the game to the point where it becomes boring. I would love to see the game being sprite based rather than 3D :3

#114 Posted by gMcR (216 posts) -

@Zoso813 said:

Game is seriously too addicting for me to play. Had to uninstall. Too similar to everything D2 did well.

Same here, it's one of those games that can suck you in for hundreds of hours. I had to quit for my own good :P

#115 Posted by the_bi99man (11047 posts) -

Just figured I'd bump this thread, in case there's any new players here, who decided to give it a go in light of winning PC GOTY, and have questions about the game systems.

#116 Posted by PernicioEnigma (5271 posts) -

@conorhat said:

Such a bad game, I don't really want to comment on it. I've got 0.1 hours on my Steam account and there's no way I would turn it back on again.

You played the game for 6 minutes and expect us to take you impressions seriously?

#117 Posted by insane_metalist (5912 posts) -

A friend of mine is playing it too much, every time I get on steam, he's getting down on it.

I shall give it a try!

#118 Posted by Chris_53 (5105 posts) -

I havn't been playing this since I'm quite into Torchlight 2 at the moment. Once I complete that I may give it a go

#119 Edited by id_mew (451 posts) -

Just started as a Witch too, I'll add you.

I don't usually like point and click games but I want to give this one a try