Had a run in with the BLUE SCREEN OF DEEEAAATH

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I logged onto my computer from sleep mode, and the BSOD comes up. It tells me to restart it if it was the first time it happened, so I did. No problems so far. I just don't know what casued it, or how to prevent it.
The only change I've made recently shouldn't have casued it, becasue I just set up dual screens.

System Specs:

Lenovo B570 Laptop

Intel Pentium DualCore 2.10 ghZ

Intel HD 3000

Windows 7 x64

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Try updating all your drivers, seems it is a cure for most wake up BSODs. Check Lenovo website and find your laptop on it and there should be a "Downloads" section, make sure everything is up to date and most likely you won't see the problem again unless of course it was caused by another problem like memory or file corruption.
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Welcome to my world....
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Download BlueScreenView to identify the problem.

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Download BlueScreenView to identify the problem.

Wish someone mentioned this to me before.... Thanks mate!