Hackshield Pro????

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#1 Posted by semperfi816 (5083 posts) -

ok so i go to play war rock and a little icon at the bottom of my screen pops up ahnlab hackshield pro...

i didnt download ive never even heard of it...now i cant play war rock...

*i really need help.anyone know how to remove it?also i found codehack.py....

#2 Posted by bedram793 (1729 posts) -
Do you hack? Maybe that's why. If you don't, then I have no idea.
#3 Posted by semperfi816 (5083 posts) -

Do you hack? Maybe that's why. If you don't, then I have no idea.bedram793

nah i wouldnt go that low :P

but it seems that codehack.py is a hack....but i havent downloaded any hacks

#4 Posted by bedram793 (1729 posts) -
Is it your firewall or something? Try turning it off.
#5 Posted by semperfi816 (5083 posts) -
it would say if my firewall was blocking something
#6 Posted by DarkSidexxx (364 posts) -
It's sort of like Punkbuster but it is even more of a pain in the ass.Did you install anything recently that may have installed Hackshield Pro without informing you?
#7 Posted by semperfi816 (5083 posts) -
war rock has an automatic updater which could've installed it but i cant find it anywhere in my computer
#8 Posted by Tqure (118 posts) -

well hackshield pro maybe came with war rock? cause its purpose is to stop auto's(cheaters)

i doubt thats what your problem is...

#9 Posted by semperfi816 (5083 posts) -
no because if im right that that's the problem then it wouldn't have
#10 Posted by Omar_Legend (1 posts) -
i found the folder of hackshield pro in th wr rock folder in data now i am trying to reinstall the game and redo the updates
#11 Posted by Daytona_178 (14962 posts) -

Sounds like you have ad-aware on your pc.