GTA: San Andreas corrupt save game

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Alright, I got my camera angle worked out (just had to unplug/replug mouse), but now, the damn game refuses to save properly.  Everytime I save, the file saids "Save corrupted".  What the fu-does anyone know of a way to fix this? 
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Fixed it-anyone else encounter this problem, try going to this site. Basically, the problem stems from a problem with your username; Regardless of whether you mean to or not, when you make a profile in Windows XP/Vista, Windows goes ahead and adds a windows folder with a weird extension after your profile name (to check whether you have this problem, go to My Computer>C:/wherever you have the game installed/Documents and Settings>check), resulting in a .XXX after your name. That period messes up the save system that Rockstar coded into the game, resulting in corrupt save files. You have one of two options. Either you go and make a whole new profile (Start>Control Panel>User Accounts>Make New Account), or, if your willing to spare about 5 minutes of your time. follow the directions on that website. Your going to need a HEX editor (plenty of free ones out there, just do a google search), and edit some coding, and your set. I did the second method and it works fine for me.

NOTE: The user is Dutch, but his instructions are in English, so you can pretty much guess what he is saying.  Perhaps this is only for the HEX editor I used, but I had trouble using searching for "Personal", so instead I searched for the HEX string (50 65 72 73 6F 6E 61 6C).  Just type in the replacement numbers, save it, then your good to go.  In the Regedit part of the tweak, click "String Value".  Hope that helps. Hit me up if you have any additional questions.


Thanks for the "help".

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hey dude pls tell me da steps on how to do it pls.......i kinda havin' da same problem......tnx