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#1 Posted by Blitzbusta (16 posts) -

Hi there...

I have a lil question and i was wonderin if you guys could plz help me out.

I would like to know if i could run grand theft auto IV. Before u guys redirect me to "Can You Run It" plz listen to me first.

Okay my specs are:

Pentium 4 3.2 GHZ

X1650 PRO 512MB

1G ram Windows Vista Ultimate.

okay, i was wondering if i could run GTA IV, even though it says my computer fails because i don't have a core duo, not enough ram , and not good enough video card, plz listen to this first:

I have only 1G of ram (old computer) and am running Windows Vista, even though it says under the minium requirements that GTA IV on Vista requires 2G ram to run. I also have Far Cry 2 on my pc, it also says it requires 2G ram to run but Far Cry 2 runs fine on my PC no lag.

GTA IV recommends 2.4 GHZ, i have 3.2 except for the fact that i dont have a Core Duo.

And lastly i have a X1650 PRO 512MB, it says it doesn't pass the minimu video card requirement BUT all the secomndary requirements (sharders, video memory) are ticked green. Does this mean it will run?

I've seen some Youtube Videos of people running on Pentium 4's and X1650's , i dont mind running on low settings with tiny graphic glitches here and there. i'm just wondering if it will work or not.

Okay, so please someone give me some suggestions/advice from someone who IS running on these specs, KNOWS of someone who's runnin these specs and NOT just refer me to the system requirements...

Thnkx alot ppl...

#2 Posted by TheMistique (1421 posts) -
id say you would at least need a dual core processor. but just for a little reference. my friend has a core 2 duo 2.6 ghz 2 gig ram and a 1600 pro and he cant get steady frame rates on all low at 720 rez
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I don't know anybody that played it on such a PC but I know one thing, 1GB of RAM and Vista is deffinitely not enough for GTA 4, because only GTA 4 uses exactly 1GB of RAM, don't know if that will change if you set it on the lowest settings, but maxed out it uses 998 mb of RAM.

The graphics card should work and the processor would be enough on the lowest settings, probably your framerate will go lower than 30 from time to time, when there are alot of things to process.

BUT a lot can go wrong, for example the first screenshot is on the lowest possible settings with the lowet resolution with definition and vsync off, the 2nd is on 1680x1050, all set on high except, reflection, water and rendering on very high, view distance 55, detail distance 77, vehicle density 51 (:/ even a quad core >_>), shadow density 16 (maximum), definition on, vsync on.

What's the problem you ask? the problem is that in the benchmark I average 45 frames on the lowest settings, and with the usual settings I play at, I average 34 frames and that's on a Q6600, 4 GB of RAM and an 8800GT.

IMO it isn't worth it, it could (hardly) run or it could not run at all.

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Ok, thanx, but still, im wondering , the CPU speed will hav a big impact on the performance right? So if my PC is 3.2GHZ, which passes the recommended , wouldn't that mean my PC may perform better , even though it only has 1G of ram? And also, sorry to bring it up again, but Far Cry 2 also says it requires 2G ram for vista as a minimum yet my PC only has 1G of ram and still runs it fairly smoothly no lag. And i think there are sum little things that will enhance my speed such as , my pc is newly formatted, its got lots of space on my HDD, so will this enhance my speed?

Thnx for the feedback...

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No, your CPU is actually the worst of your problems, GTA 4 depends a lot on the power of your CPU, and it's a lot more complex than FarCry 2 :( add the optimization problems (way better computers have problems playing this game, at the same settings I play or even slightly lower, it varries so much you could say luck is a requirement to play it).

Also, from what I remember FC2 uses around 600-700 mb of RAM.

GTA 4 relies heavily on the CPU and it needs a decent ammount of RAM. Your CPU will slow it down and your 1GB of RAM will slow it down even more, the graphics card is the only thing that meets the lowest requirements :(.

As I said it could run, good enough, if you're lucky, but imo it isn't worth it, you'll spend 50$ or so on a game that you might not be able to play when you can spend the money on a game that you can run and enjoy without problems.

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Okay, Thanks alot for your feedback!

So i think i'll try it, ill just get it off my friend, if it works then i might consider buying it, or even maybe a new pc.

Thanks alot for your feedback guys!.

Yours Sincerly Blitzbusta!

#7 Posted by mhofever (3954 posts) -

Well, after i patched my GTA IV to 1.2, i found it to be smoother than before, around a 10 fps boost.

Maybe this will change your mind, and im running it on an Intel Core 2 Duo 2.3Ghz, 2 GB RAM, 8800GT 512MB DDR3 on Windows Vista ultimate

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hi there, i was wondering can my pc play GTA IV, this is my pc spec. Pentium IV HT 2.6ghz 128mb intel intergrated graphics 2GB ram
#9 Posted by StrawberryHill (5321 posts) -

hi there, i was wondering can my pc play GTA IV, this is my pc spec. Pentium IV HT 2.6ghz 128mb intel intergrated graphics 2GB ramrestomac