GTA IV Problem Pls help!!!!

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Ok so i have installed the game and then i realized that the graphics were very bad, then i un-installed it and i tried to install it again (all in 1 day) and when it gets to C:/ProgramFiles/RockstarGames/GrandTheftAutoIV/pc/anim/cuts.img, it says: Feature transfer error: Feature: Grand Theft Auto IV Component GTAIV_Dynamic File: E:/GTAIV/ Error Data error (cyclic redundancy check). After that i have NO idea what to do and i am stuck plz help me!!!
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You pirated the game. Just install newest drivers, newest patches and you should be good. Might take a few tries though.
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dont download rips

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Yeah, well I didn't pirate the game I just paid $40 for it at Best Buy and I'm getting the same frikken problem. So any advice from someone who actually knows what they're talking about would be greatly appreciated.
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I have the same problem, bought this game at EBGames about a year ago but I haven't played it in a few months and forgot to re-install it after I switched to Win7, now I get this error when I try to install it:

Feature Transfer Error

Feature: Grand Theft Auto IV

Component: GTAIV_Dynamic

File: F:\GTAIV\

Error: Incorrect function

The disc is kinda scratched, but I was hoping for a solution other than buying a new copy of the game...

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alright mate if your disk has scratches get them taken out by a game shop if you can if not i had the same message and i used a product that was similar to TCUT which helps remove scratches out of car body paint apply a tiny bit on a cloth and rub over the scratch in cirular motions it will come up shiny with lots of tiny little scratches but should not affect the disc however what it does is removes a small ammount of the plastic surface making the scratch not as deep witch in turn makes it easier to read just be carful and make sure you get all of the excess polish off good luck hope it works for you like it did for me..... (please excuse any spelling mistakes i was rushing )
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if the game is brand new try it in a second computer if you dont have one try a friends (if it works you need a new disk drive) if not take the game back as its probably a faulty copy .
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I also had a problem like this, 90% the problem is your dvd-drive and IDE cable, try replacing them.