Gothic Series worth it?

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The Gothic series is on sale right now on steam and I love rpgs but have never played gothic is it worth it even though its a older game?

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It was OK IMO, but really small in terms of the map/world size, and very unforgiving in terms of difficulty and mechanics.

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@Gammit10: So you would say its not worth it?

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@fexal said:

@Gammit10: So you would say its not worth it?

I got each one pretty cheap at around $20 or less, and they were not worth it IMO.

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I hated this series, but some people love it.. so its a 50/50 chance. I found them all to be really buggy... but theres a strange unique quality about this series which is too bad it wasn't more playable. Its like Elder Scrolls except a bad beta version of that game.

I played it right when it came out and even then i found the graphics quite bad, i could only imagine how bad they would look to new eyes at this point in time.

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Get Gothic 2 - awesome game, other than that if you want improved graphics you can pick up Risen the original game.

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IMO, only Gothic 2 is worth it.

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Gothic 2 was awesome, not sure how it aged but it was when it came out. For $2.49 who cares? Buy it lol.

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The first two Gothic games are some of the best RPG´s ever made,especially Gothic 2,they have a lot of jank to them but are pretty amazing open experiences with deep mechanics that no other RPG has had in at least a full decade,absolutely worth playing.

Gothic 3 was completely broken at release but with the community made mega patch the game is now pretty great,worth playing as well and it still looks really good,at least the environments do.

For the price it´s at now,get the whole series(Gothic Universe),it´s so worth it.

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Gothic 2 is the best but it'd be very rough visually and combat wise to be enjoyable anymore.

Gothic 3 with patches and fixes is a decent experience though

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i have only played the third one. Its a frustrating game at times but very fun. A real rpg game!

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My first experience with Gothic 3 : Getting pwned by boars.Once you get used to the combat though, it's a decent game. If you like the Gothic games style but looking for something a little newer, get Risen 1 and 2, same devs.

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Get Gothic 2. Much better than Elder Turds.

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ITT: lies and misinformation. For 2.50USD, Gothic 3 is a steal. Almost all complaints with bugs and crashes and whatnot are fixed with community patches. Follow this guide here: (I did all of that besides the .ini replacement, since my GPU is pleb-tier)

Translation errors are the worst part, but if you're looking for a wide-open world with unique gameplay you can't go wrong. And if you hate it, who cares it's cheap. Sell some trading cards and it's free.

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Gothic 1-3 with expansions is worth it. Years ago when the first game came out I was literally stunned by how unique the combat system was. The progression path and character progression was also very interesting and to be honest - I enjoyed everything but the slight glitches and minor bugs here and there which were removed fairly quick and successful via the community patches. All in all: Gothic 1-3 was one of my best gaming experiences from the days back.

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Well TC, IF you like RPGs then you might like them alot :)

They can be hard, and some of the gameplay choices are outright mindbaffeling. But overall I always found the gothic games rather fun to play, they are even nice to play, something odd about those games that exploring always felt relaxing to me.