Good video capture device for recording video games on to my computer?

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Does anyone know any good video capture devices that I could use to record video game sessions onto my computer? I run Windows XP Media Center Edition.
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I just bought a Pinnacle Dazzle DVD recorder DVC 100. It was $88 Australian Dollars. It's pretty much purely designed to make DVDs from VHS, you can record to your hard disc rather than writing a DVD on the fly. Then it's a matter of doing something with the DVD files - which of course are encoded as VOBs so you'll need the free program Mpeg Stream Clip to convert from VOB to pretty much any other format.

It's inputs are composite video (standard yellow RCA), S-Video (round 5pin), and left and right audio (standard RCA).

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fraps, its free
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sorry I said it was designed for making DVDs from VHS but you can plug any analogue video source into it.

EDIT: ah ok, I was assuming you meant from a play station or something. If PC game then yes, Fraps.

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Sorry, I mean for recording from like Xbox or Playstation or that kind of stuff,


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If you've got a mini DV camera with an input you can use that. Plug your xbox (for instance) into the video input of camera and connect camera to computer via firewire cable.

Only some mini DV cameras have inputs. Some use the same mini jack connector for both analogue input and output.