Good resource base building RTS games

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Im looking for good games with base building and resources, kinda like age of empires, LOTR BFME, starcraft 2.. that kind of style, I know this genre is very limited and not many good games, but perhaps I still don't know a few good ones.

Gameplay is most important alltho graphics should at least be decent, as the games I described ( AoE 3, not previous ones ).

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SUPREME COMMANDER! Just make sure it's the original and the expansion, not the dumbed down sequel.

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@alenmr1987: Well mate RTS as whole genre is pritty much dead, and i dont see its gonna ressurect in next 5 years, there is no significant AAA project in developing for future, you can say thank you to our humble console players and their market for destroying RST genre, RTS as genre is mainly for PC and will be always, and thats the reason why big companies doesnt develop anymore.

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Good base building and resources hmm you might want to try Rise of Nations, you can even choose on skirimish a mod that you'll win by having more resources than your opponent.

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I am not sure how recent you are looking for, but Warcraft 3 still holds up great. Make sure you get the expansion as well.