good racing games for PC???

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#1 Posted by Lehman (2512 posts) -
hey guys
i was wondering if there are any good racing games out for the PC that will work with my G25
i have Forza 2 on 360 and it was probbly the best racing game ever, exxcept no incar view and no G25 support (well 360 cant take the G25 anyway)
i have a PS3, and i have GT5 Prolouge and DiRT
on PC i have Test Drive Unlimited and GT Legends and GTR 2
there all great games but nothin glike Forza2

what i want is something thats closed circuits (preferably real life ones) and just stock cars which i can tune and mod myself
so i can get engine swaps or new parts, like a new turbo or crankshaft, and i can add bodykits (dont really care about bodykits, lts not about the looks, its about the performance xD)

so would there be any game for PC or PS3 that fits my wants??
oh with G25 support, like the 6speed shifter and clutch

i really like GTR2 and GT Legends (only have demo of Legends tho) and its really stuffed up setting up my G25
but GTR2 i have and its great

but its all just racing cars

there no "normal" cars like a VW Golf GTI or a Nissan 350Z or BMW M3 or Merc AMG's

thanks for any suggestions

EDIT: Ive sold my 360 so cant play Forza any more :(
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just to say, im more into Sim racing games, not stuff like NFS
although i had Pro Street for PS3, but i traded it in, it was pretty bad
and its not that much a simulation

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Hey, this game doesn't really match the description as to what your looking for, but it's free (legaly) and a LOT of fun. it's called trackmania Nations Forever. sounds lame? thats what i used to think. but it's one of the more intense racing games i've ever played. because it's free, i'd reccomend giving it a try, and if it's not your thing, no worries. i don't play a lot of racing games, but i really enjoy trackmania.
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ok ill have a look also im downloading the demo for Live for Speed (its legal, from there site) gonna give it a try, but im capped, so it'll be finshed by tomorow (well technically today)
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GTR Evolution. If you thought Forza 2 and GT5P were tough it's time to get your ass handed to you. It is the most comprehensive sim racer to ever exist.
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!!!GRID!!!!!Of course...Don't tell me you don't know GRID...Is very intense if you playing from the steering wheel.Is really awesome...You wont find a GOLF GTI but there are NISSAN 35OZ , M3 and many more...Check it out
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yer i know about GRID but i heard it wasnt that much of a sim, but ill check it out, thanks
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yer i know about GRID but i heard it wasnt that much of a sim, but ill check it out, thanksLehman

Its an arcade race you are correct but you should play the demo because is really good...

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ill get the demo from a friend tomoz cause im meeting him, and ill ask him to bring it
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Test Drive Unlimited is still my favorite PC racing game. Actually, my favorite on any platform. Sure, with car customization it could have been better, but it still gives you a world to get lost in.

EDIT: I read your post more, and TDU doesn't really have the customization you want. It's still a wonderful racing game with all sorts of tasks and events, and with the car pack it adds way more vehicles. And motorcycles, which in my opinion makes it the best. I think Midnight Club was the only one that did this, but I haven't played any newer racing games (GRID, etc) so I'm not sure.

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ill get the demo from a friend tomoz cause im meeting him, and ill ask him to bring itLehman

Tell me if good...

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Trackmania Nations United is a great racing game, not to's free to download! :D
#13 Posted by MrUnSavory1 (777 posts) -
What ever you do, do not buy ARCA Sim Racing by The Sim Factory. This was a total rip off to their customers. The made claims (they say they didn't promise anything) On their web site about all the content that would be available for this sim and never followed thru. A large part of the Sim Racing community pre-ordered it and bought it just to find out they spent 55 dollars to be beta testers. 8 months later only 2 tracks have been released and one of those is not even a real ARCA track but a re-work of an Rfactor track. The Sim Factory should be sued by all that bought the game. they have used the profits to hang out at real race tracks and feel like big shots when they are nothing but a bunch of half assed programmers. If you go on the RSC forums to ask about why the content has not be released they lock the thread. THEY TOTALY RIPPED OFF CUSTOMERS AND LAUGHED IN THEIR FACES. Lack of tracks, poor graphics, and bugs galore are just part of the problem. Please pass the word. We need to ALL stand together against software companys such as The Sim Factory who think they can take a consumers money and not provide the services promised.
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Live for speed is one of the best driving simulations. If you have a G25 then this is the game you have to try.

Also a good racing sims is iRacing (online only - a bit ti expensive but realy good)