good programs to record gaming on pc

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i cant find any good good programs for recording games there all low quality to medium i want a high quality one the best i came across was fraps but that was pretty low quality and drops fps alot and i want it like those youtube people kind of quality but can anyone recommend me some please

thanks much :)

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FRAPS is high quality and so is Dxtory.

But to record in high quality you need a good CPU and Hard Drive.

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thanks ill try fraps again
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Fraps if you have a very fast HDD. DXTory if you have multiple HDDs.Personally, I prefer DXTory.

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msi afterburner has a video recording feature
it doesn't hurt your fps nearly as much as fraps, and does realtime compression.

I mean, I even recorded BF3 and you can see my fps in the top left. They are at 130+ all times.

Albeit 1280x960, but if I was using fraps it would have killed them.

It's by far the best. It just doesn't detect as many programs as fraps sometimes