Good old multiplayer game?

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What's a pretty old multiplayer game that people still play? Don't say CS 1.6 or Team Fortress Classic. Thanks. By old nothing newer than 2002-2003.
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Warcraft 2 and 3, 3 is very pop still with a very active community, diablo, diablo 2, starcraft, starcraft 2, neverwinter nights, um what else is older than 2002-2003
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Sorry I didn't say this first, but I would rather it be first person shooter. Also, it necessarily doesn't have to be that old, just something with really low specs.
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may not be old but they have low system requirements. Open Arena, urban terror
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Tried Urban Terror, it's fun but it takes forever to join a server and it gets old very quick. OpenArena I just looked up and it looks stupid. Also, can America's Army run on my computer? I have 248 MB ram and 1.3 GHz with some Intel crap graphics card. It says you only need 128 ram to run it on the minimum system requirements.
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Battlefield 1942 or Joint Operations
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unreal tournament.
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Quake i guess...maybe Rogue Spear...dunno

I personally think America's Army is a piece of **** Then again, I never made it past the training.

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Quake III by chance? Didn't break any molds, but it still did well by the classics. (although, I'm mostly spit balling here. Not sure what the turn out looks like on the servers. It's been a while)