Good non-WWII sniper game?

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Any good sniper games out there that aren't WWII based?
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well, sniping in Deltaforce games have always been good, but mostly due to the setting in terms of large landscapes etc. Here you could actualy out think your opponent. Not like in counterstrike where sniping is a matter of run and gun.

But yeah to bad there is so few or no games where sniping is presentet in a proper way. Closest thing you might get would be hunting games but hell even UT2004  have better balistic models then many of those.

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Games like Far Cry have a sniper rifle, but that's not a sniper game in my view (it's a great game though).

Delta Force II and Delta Force, while a few years old, are good sniper games. The screenshots on gamespot look terrible -so don't trust that; Gamespot game Delta Force II an 8.8. Sniping to me is not just long-range shooting, it's having the freedom of movement in complex terrain to get into a hidden firing position without being seen. While the graphics aren't the latest, Delta Force II does this well. The terrain has lots of hills and nooks, and you won't be spotted as easily if you are either prone, or in grass. You can walk for miles around an enemy camp, crawl until you get a visual, and shoot enemy at 1500 meters with a Barrett 50 caliber sniper rifle; and the distances feel convincing in the game. Again it's a little older, but it might be worth a try for a very low price.

Sniper Elite is a WWII sniper game, but you said non-WW II.   

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does awping in cs count? :P