Good monitor under 200 bucks?

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So, my old and beloved Samsung T220 stopped working, and i'm a little bit confused with all these LED pc monitors into the market.

Do you know about some affordable good monitor?

22" 1920x1080 does just great for me

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^ thats a sexy monitor.

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What country are you in?

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Asus PB238Q is a great monitor and is in your budget... I would highly recommend it. Just google it for reviews 5/5 on almost every site.

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There where two users who use to post here (one was named 560ti and the other user was biorichi or something like that) and they both swore on this monitor (they both said the viewing angle and black colors where amazing). Its probably not the best under $200 but it should be worth a look (dell makes good monitors and IPS monitors are awesome)

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Thanks for your replies, i'll take note. That Asus looks pretty decent but that Dell looks like a 300 bucks monitor, harder to find in Europe though.

I'll see which of those i can find. Samsung seems to have stepped back from their beautiful designs from the 2008 models

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The Dell and the Lg is basically the same.

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@Alienware_fan: Really? Thanks for the tip

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£197.12 Inc VAT - Viewsonic 27" LED Monitor (1ms response time)

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@superclocked: Can't find that Viewsonic in my store

I think i'm finally going for the LG 23EA63V. Best specs in that price range and design is pretty, though not as beautiful as my old Syncmaster T220 :(

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@alan_carter said:

@Alienware_fan: Really? Thanks for the tip

I think the panels are the same, but Dell is gloss and LG is matte, so that's why I vouch for the Dell so much! Personally I upgraded from a 08/09 Samsung matte lcd vs this dell ips.

I'd post picts if you want later in the day, but I'm a bit of a hurry right now.

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@Bikouchu35: I'd really appreciate the pics, take your time :D

Thought the LG lower design was kinda metallic, still, slim corner design is identical to Dell's.

My Samsung T220 is from 2008 aswell, design is unbeatable, 22" glossy with crystal edges, but regarding image quality, contrast and vividness were quite average for the time, IPS will make a difference.

Dell is cooler for the movable screen, but it's hard to find that one in Europe, maybe differente product name?