Get Even Interview - Lower Distructibility, Main characters

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Italian website PC Gaming interviewed Wojciech Pazdur Lead Designer at Farm 51.

-What is the main character ? if there is one.

There are two main characters in Get Even. Very different in terms of origins, goals and skills.............

PC will be the main platform ?

So far PC is the main platform for Get Even development, but we've already started to work on console version. Cause of unusual 3D scanning technology that delivers a massive amounts of data to be processed and require custom rendering techniques, it's much easier to develop game on PC for now.......

-“What is Real” trailer was in CG with real scenes or in game scenes ?

If I told you directly, then the trailer's question would have lost it's sense. But speaking seriously, the models and textures presented in trailer are parts of our in-game environment so there's no fake comparing to actual game assets quality.

-There will destructibility in the game?

I think it's not possible to make action game with shooting and without destructibility, but I know what you mean. Scanned environments are not so plastic and flexible as hand-modeled props, so the amount of destructible objects will be, by average, lower than in Battlefield 4 or Tom......

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